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The Larsen Family's Holiday Gift

Silverdale Lights was created by the Larsen Family to provide a wholesome Holiday display that can be enjoyed by the community. Longing for the days where every street was decorated with Christmas lights, Scott Larsen wanted to create a display that inspired others to celebrate the season with lights. It does not take a lot of time and you donít have to be Christian to put up lights. There are many reasons to celebrate with lights. Most of us think of Christmas, but other religious displays can be found along with special winter wonderland displays, memorials and tributes to men and women who have served our country.

The Larsenís display has three themes to it, Christmas, Childrenís favorites and a tribute to Police Officers that have given their lives in the line of duty. While some songs might be repeated for two years, the display keeps growing and the program is modified each year. This is no easy task and it takes a lot of planning and time to organized such a technically advanced music and light display. The whole family is involved from selecting the songs and programming to installing the thousands of multi- colored light strings. The family members are difficilt to locate when it come to taking down the lights.

Scott has always decorated his house for the holidays, but in 2007 he wanted to add some motion to the display. His first automated attempt was a 15 foot tree made up of 1,600 mini-lights. It was controlled with a small four channel "garage band" type light controller. Nice, but too small for his liking. In 2008, Scott really stepped it up with a computer controlled system that had tremendous expansion opportunity. If you want to learn more about the system, see the "How to" session. In 2009, the lights jumped to 17,000 and 2010 up again to 32,000 lights. The plan for 2011 was to completely change the display. Diane said, "Even though we have added to this display, we have had the same basic show for three years." So after 1100 man-hours, the show was completely changed in 2011. Today there are over 50,000 light and 200+ channels of computer animation.

The most significant addition was the charity selection for Silverdale Lights. It has become customary for displays like Silverdale Lights to choose a charity to route any donations that are offered by the many generous visitors. The Larsenís gift to the community is Silverdale Lights; the communityís gift back will go to the Joshua T. Miktarian Memorial Scholarship Fund. In the past two years we have raise just over $7500 for this great charity. Please visit the Project Blue Light page on this website and donate today. Like Us on facebook and get updates on the Project Blue Light fundraiser, special events and newly added songs.

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