The family and friends that helped make Silverdale Lights come to life in 2010.

Silverdale Circle
During peek show time, Diane Larsen stands watch and deploys the elves to the guests that travel up to 50 miles away to see the Holiday Light and Music Show. Sugar filled Candy Canes go out to the children, parents and grandparents get a special Project Blue Light. These blue lights can easily replace the white light that you see in most household windows during the Christmas season.

2010 Team Elf
rachel derek Lexi makenzie andrew madison morgan michael eric Deanna kaitlin
2010 Set-up Crew

Setup started the third week of October and the last decoration was plugged in the day befor Thanksgiving. Considering the first show is 6:00pm on December 1st.

Scott Larsen
An engineer by trade, Scott became interested in the animated lights in 2007. Since then the display has grown from 1,000 lights to over 50,000 lights. Scott has always reminiscenced about the days of his childhood when his parents drove the family though neighborhoods and all houses were lit celebrating the holiday season. This year, not only is that his gift to the community, but the Larsen family’s hope to delight children of all ages today.

Diane Larsen
Diane acts as the "foreman" of this project... picking songs, influencing displays, and keeping the process on track so that December 1st we are up and running at 6:00pm. Although her song choices are not always embraced by the "programmers", they do s GREAT job of making the music come to life.

Morgan Larsen
The oldest daughter is the primary music programmer and is quite influential in getting her friends involved in helping with the entire process. Fortunately she follows her father’s technical ability, artistic ability (which her father lacks) and is a crucial element in making sure that all elements are coordinated accordingly to make it all come together in the end.

Andrew Larsen
Andrew is the second programmer. He is also extremely technical and understands the intricacies in programming song down to a 1/20th of a second. He is also the muscle behind setting up the display and is extremely proficient in splicing extension cords.

Madison Larsen
The youngest daughter wants to do everything that everyone else is doing. It does come in quite handy to have a small body that can get into very tight places and plug in cords which no one over the age of 9 could do. She never quits…will stay outside in sub zero degree (well ... it feels like it!!!) weather to wrestle with 3400 feet of extension cords which she claims is her responsibility.

Makenzie Conner
Morgan’s BFF who is also (thank goodness) very technically inclined and organized. She was in charge of all spreadsheets which kept track what lights were plugged into what controller and then into what box running the show. She never complained, always had a smile and is truly one of Santa’s elves. She was indispensable in this show.

David Larsen
David was in charge of the procurement of the custom built pieces in the show which included the Donation box and Mega Tree. Since none of this display comes in a kit, his help in providing these pieces made this year possible.

Special Thanks to:

The Twinsburg Police Department, National C.O.P.S., Ohio C.O.P.S., Twinsburg Bulletin, Aurora Advocate, FOX8 News, WKYC Ch3 (NBC), WEWS 5 (ABC) and many others. The help and support has been fantastic throughout this project. A special thank you to the Twinsburg Public Works department and the snow plow drivers for keeping our donation box accessible to the public.
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